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In accordance with the Moscow’s order Lukashenka has fixed suddenly the presidential elections ahead of schedule (on March 19, 2006). But the presidential elections ahead of schedule are not based on the Low. Russia is in hurry to support its henchman because the social tendencies demonstrate that the situation of these two regimes can deteriorate. Because of that they are acting without taking in consideration the people’s opinion.

They have the following project: if they will collapse on the elections Lukashenka will remain on his post for almost 6 months. In this situation Moscow hopes to start a civil conflict (a war) in Belarus for the power and to eliminate the legal president-elect. But they will loss their game because we understand their project.

From the other side they consider that we could not collect 150-200 thousand signatures in winter under hard frost because the regime will blockade all the dwelling houses, campuses and other edifices. But they make mistake again. During the elections the Ukrainian people remained on the squares and streets even at night under the frost.

The regime’s relentlessness and unscrupulousness will only cause the growth of the people’s enthusiasm in spite of the frost.

Belarus will win this aggression. All the Belarusans remember how the regime and its corrupt pseudo-opposition deceived the people in October 2004 and drove the people into the illegitimate referendum. The people should not participate in the illegitimate action of the regime. And now we see the result of this as if “opposition” participation in the anti-constitutional referendum: Lukashenka will present his candidature on the presidential elections although he doesn’t have right to do it. They are preparing the electoral frauds again. Because of that many persons consider that it is meaningless to vote — the regime will deceive the people again.

But it is necessary to vote. We – the people – represent the real power and not the pro-Moscow regime or a small group of the pseudo-opposition collaborators with Moscow, not Lukashenka or the false politicians a la Kalyakin and Milinkevich. Don’t have confidence in these false persons!

It is necessary to go to the polling stations the day of the elections (the regime is afraid of this decision) and after the poll it is necessary to go to the center of Minsk and to stay all together in the Central Square in order to wait the results of the poll. (The inhabitants of the Minsk province have to go to Minsk after the poll).

We have enough powers and we have the right to stop and to blockade the mechanism of the electoral frauds. Every Belarusan and the whole Belarusan people can do this.

It is necessary to carry on the people’s poll in order to secure the people’s victory over the system of the electoral frauds. The essence of the people’s poll is as follows:

– The day of the elections the electors go to the polling stations with their voting-paper (prepared in advance) or with a blank page (the elector can fill in the blank page in the polling cabin);
– The elector takes the regime’s voting-paper, sign the list of electors and go to the polling cabin;
– The elector put the regime’s voting-paper to his/her pocket and get his/her voting-paper (prepared in advance);
– The elector cast his/her voting-paper into the ballot-box;
– The elector keeps the regime’s voting-paper in order to give it to the civic commission.


The elector writes on the blank page the surname, name and patronymic of the Belarusan people’s candidate (which represents the alternative to the regime) which he/she would vote and then writes a symbol (a “tick”) near the surname of the candidate. At the foot of the page he/she writes any number (8 figures).

The elector writes the same surname and the same numbers on the official regime’s voting-paper (as well as the “tick”).

The people’s (alternative) voting-paper will be different as the regime’s voting-paper. It will be possible to see the real results of the poll after the polling-boxes will be opened. In accordance with the number of 8 figures the elector can control his/her poll. If some elector doesn’t like to write the number he/she cannot write it. It is more important to take and to hide the regime’s voting-paper but to cast the people’s voting-paper into the ballot-box.

The Belarusan Liberation Movement (coordinated by the Conservative Christian Party – BPF) will form the National civic commission (NCC).

The NCC informs the people on the process of the people’s poll. After the poll the NCC carry on the collection and the counting of the regime’s illegitimate voting-papers taken by the electors.

The new real democratic presidential elections in accordance with the Law will be the result of this action. (Even if the regime will not register the people’s alternative candidate it would be necessary to write his name in the voting-paper. This is the principle of the people’s poll).

Definition. The elections not based on the Constitution are illegitimate. The regime’s voting-papers with the name of the candidate which doesn’t have right to candidate are illegitimate.

At the same time the people’s poll is absolutely legal in the system of the acting Law. The people’s poll is based on the article 3 of the acting Constitution of Belarus as follows: “The people is the unique source of the state power and the bearer of the sovereignty in the Republic of Belarus. The people carry out its power directly, through representative bodies in limits and forms in accordance with the Constitution.

Any actions directed to the change of the constitutional order and to the seizure of the state power by the brutal methods as well as any other action directed to the violation of the laws of Belarus are punished in accordance with the Law”.

The actions of the electors during the people’s poll don’t contradict the electoral laws. The people has right to the people’s poll (“the people carry out its power directly”) in accordance with the Law and in accordance with the definition of the art. 3 of the Constitution concerning the violation of the Law (“the seizure of the state power by the brutal methods”). Now the Law is violated by A. Lukashenka because he doesn’t have more the right to candidate to the presidency and to participate in the elections. His actions are qualified as “brutal methods”.

I emphasize that in accordance with the Law the authorities don’t have right to change the Law and to adopt any amendments directed to the restriction of the elector’s rights and possibilities. The authorities don’t have right to forbid the activity of the parties or to dissolve the parties, to close the newspapers etc.

Let us to be courageous and convinced in our right and our truth.

I inform that I have right to candidate and to participate in the presidential elections in spite of the persecution and the fact that I is obliged to live abroad. My right had been confirmed by the special decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus N P-120/2001 from 2001.06.15.

When the pro-Moscow regime will be out and the Belarusan people’s democratic authorities will be formed the Belarusan courts will execute the laws and respect the rights and the Provisional Belarusan Government will begin its activity.

Let us not to be afraid! Our truth will win! We represent the power and Moscow will not be able to provoke a civil conflict because they know very well (and are afraid of) that the Belarusan army and the Belarusan police will support our people. Moscow is impotent with its Russian generals, its Russian FSB, its henchmen a la Lebedko-Kalyakin-Milinkevich. We know everything what they are doing now. They hope to deceive the Belarusan people but their fuss will only precipitate the collapse of the pro-Moscow dictatorship. The Lukashenka regime’s end is near.

Zianon Pazniak
Chairman of the Belarusan Popular Front “Adradzennie” and the Conservative Christian Party – BPF
December 22, 2005